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    Somewhere Down the Road
	We had the right love at the wrong time 
	Guess I always knew inside 
	I wouldn't have you for a long time 
	Those dreams of yours are 
	shinin' on distant shores 
	And if they're calling you away 
	I have no right to make you stay


	But/And/Cause somewhere down the road 
	Our roads have gone across again, 
	It doesn't really matter where 
	but somewhere down the road 
	I know that heart of yours will come to see 
	That you belong with me
	Sometimes goodbyes are not forever 
	It doesn't matter if you're gone 
	I still believe in us together; 
	I understand more than you think I can, 
	You have to go out on your own 
	So you can find your way back home.

	...with me.

	letting go is just another way to say 
	I'll always love you so
	We have the right love at the wrong time, 
	Maybe we've only just begun, 
	Maybe the best is yet to come 


	That you belong with me.