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               Hi!! Hello!! Kumusta ka na? 

         I just made it for a special friend like YOU :)
      Let me say that this is just a simple remembrance from me. 

        # 1       I'll be there...

                Maybe you don't really know me
                Maybe I'm a stanger to you 
                A Stranger that can be your friend
                A friend that will always be there for you

                Maybe you don't really know me
                But always put in your mind
                That when you feel so blue
                I'll be there for you

                Even if you're miles away
                I'm always by your side
                I'll never let you down
                And you always count on me

                Anytime you need a friend
                I will be there.....

         # 2        Just call a friend ....
                When you feel so blue
                And there'll be times you feel so empty
                And you feel no one to listen
                Just call a friend and that is me...

                When you're loosin direction
                If you feel broken hearted
                And  you can't get started
                Just call a friend and that is me...

                If you need someone to rely on
                If you need a shoulder to cry on
                If you're in need some kindness   
                And you can't seem to find it.
                Just call a friend and that is me...

                When hope is gone and all is lost
                Just reach out - take my hand.... 

     A Friend is someone who knows you and likes you exactly who you 
              are.  Someone  who's special  and  so close in thought 
              that no distance can seem so far.

     A Friend who understands you without any words, stand by you       
              when things don't go right and willing to talk  you 
              over problems with you, till they somehow just vanish 
              from sight.

Our friendship we share is a gift I

cherish with all my heart. Jason you

are my friend forever.

I don't know how long this friendship

of us. I don't know what will happen

next day, next week, next month, next

year and so on... I don't know if we can

have a chance to meet in person. Maybe

only Gods knows what He wants to us.

If we can't have a chance to see each

other, I just want you to know that you have

a friend that always care for you ..... and ..

that is ME! :)