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    The Old Song
	Candles burning, glasses are chilled 
	and soon she'll be mine, open praise you 
	say that she's with me to give another try 
	And before these plans are made, they'll never play this hard 
	I put on the old 45

	Maybe the old song will bring back the old time 
	maybe the old life cause I'll know 
	maybe she'll lay her head on my shoulder 
	maybe our feelings will come true 
	maybe we'll start to cry 
	and wonder why we ever walked away 
	maybe the old song will bring back the old times 
	and make her wanna stay

	It's been too long that 
	Seeing the face light up 
	when I go home 
	It's been to many hours I've wasted 
	Still had the fall

	If the old songs I came to like can bring her back to me 
	I'm dying of list'nin alone

	...and make her wanna stay