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Maybe This Time
	Two old friends meet again 
	Wearin' older faces, 
	and talk about the places they've been 
	Two old sweethearts who fell apart 
	Somewhere long ago, 
	How are they to know 
	Someday they'd meet again 
	And have a need for more than reminiscin'

	Maybe this time 
	It'll be lovin' they'll find, 
	Maybe now they can be more than just friends 
	She's back in his life 
	And it feels so right, 
	Maybe this time, love won't end.

	It's the same old feeling back again 
	It's the one that they had way back when, 
	They were too young to know when love is real. 
	But somehow, some things never change 
	And even time hasn't cooled the flame 
	It's burnin' even brighter than it did before 
	It got another chance, and if they take it...


	She's smilin'like she used to smile way back when 
	They tried, but somethin' kept them 
	Waiting for this magic moment,


	Maybe this time...
	Maybe this time love won't end.