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King and Queen of Hearts -
	We're the King and Queen of hearts, 
	Hold me when the music starts 
	All my dreams come true 
	When I dance with you 
	Promise me you're mine tonight, 
	I've been waitin' lyin' tonight; 
	While the lights are right 
	I'll never let you go.

	(Hoh) Did I dream that we danced forever 
	In a wish that we made together 
	On a night that I prayed would never end (end) 
	You know it's not my imagination 
	Or a part of the orchestration 
	Love was here at the culmination 
	I'm the king and you're queen of hearts.

	Time will pass and tears will fall 
	But someday we'll both recall 
	Moments made of this, 
	Golden memories.


	In a once and future dream 
	Where the dances never seem to start.