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    For the First Time
	are those your eyes, is that your smile 
	I've been looking at you from there 
	But I never saw you before 
	don't fix your hands holding mine 
	Now I wonder how you could've been so blind

	For the first time 
	I've been looking in your eyes 
	For the first time 
	I've seen who you are 
	Can't believe how much I see 
	And when you're looking back at me 
	Now I understand what love is 
	Love is for the first time

	Can this be real, can this be true 
	Am I the person I was this morning 
	And are you the same in you, it sounds so strange 
	It can not be 
	All the longest love is right in front of me.


	Such a long time ago 
	I have given up and find this emotion 
	Ever again... 
	But you're here with me now 
	Yes I found you somehow 
	And I've never been so sure