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    After All
	Well, here we are again 
	I guess it must be fate 
	We've tried it on our own 
	But deep inside we've known 
	We'd be back to set things straight 

	I still remember when 
	Your kiss was so brand new 
	Every memory repeats 
	Every step I take retreats 
	Every journey always brings me back to you 

	After all the stops and starts 
	we keep coming back to these two hearts 
	Two angels who've been rescued from the fall 
	And after all that we've been through 
	It all comes down to me and you 
	I guess it's meant to be 
	Forever you and me 
	After all

	When love is truly right 
	This time it's truly right 
	It lives from year to year 
	It changes as it grows 
	And oh the way it grows 
	But it never disappears 
	Always just beyond my touch 
	Though I needed you so much 
	After all what else is living for 
	   Chorus (2x)